May 17, 2012

Florida in February

In February we took some vacation days and here's what we did...
First stop was a trip to Abilene for ACU's SingSong, seeing friends, 
and staying with Becs and Lucas.

Puppy cousins! Heidi, Kirker & Kody

Dinner at Lytle with some awesome people.
Shelbi, Candice, Becca, Lucas, Chris, Preston & me
After the weekend in Abilene, we spent a few days in Arlington with our famiLEE!

Waiting for the train to downtown Dallas to go to a Mavs game.

Sweet friends, world travelers, and event planners extraodinaire!  :)
Check out Shelbi's blog!
 This next photo is one of the greatest things you will ever see on this blog...

Christopher is giving a big thumbs up for our new banner in the AAC!!! GO MAVS!!!

We couldn't leave town without seeing John & Carrie. Love them!
On Wednesday morning we went Love Field to make the flight to Florida. We were going because one of Christopher's friends from Med. School was getting married. As we boarded the plane we were greeted by Jordan (groom) and Sarah (bride) and all the family! It was one of the most memorable flights. When the crew found out we were headed to FL to get those two married they made the big announcement to the whole plane, started throwing napkins in celebrations, passed out free drinks and pranked us all by pretending to trip and dump hot coffee on us (the cups were all empty). I have never laughed so much on a plane! It was such a great week and a gorgeous wedding!
I had so much fun I didn't even take pictures! Haha! 
I did get a couple of us enjoying the beach....

The water was chilly!!

Showing off my seashell! 
It was a great vacation. We came back exhausted. :)

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  1. Yay! Can you send me these pics? So jealous of your plane ride to Florida! That sounds like so much fun!