December 30, 2009


I just LOVE the holidays!!!
We've spent the last week with my parents in Bixby, OK where we had our first White Christmas! 8 inches of fantastic white powder... what a great way to spend Christmas day. Becca and Lucas brought their two doggies and they quickly became our reindeer as we sat on an old snowboard. So much fun!
Snowy weather is wonderful...but only as long as you're NOT DRIVING.
We went skiing with Chris' family and the Vanaman's before Christmas this year, and when we heard about the winter storm warning, decided to take off for Tulsa the evening of the 22nd (to beat the weather). This resulted in the longest most nerve-racking 12 hours of my life! AND WE DIDN'T EVEN MAKE IT ALL THE WAY THERE! At 6am on the 23rd we were still 5 hours from our destination, but just had to call it quits and sleep for a bit. (4 hours to be exact) Then we made it the rest of the way and had a lovely time (and caught up on some sleep).
I don't think either of us is to eager to visit Kansas anytime soon.
We're now back in the Dallas/Fort Worth for Christmas with the Lee's and to bring in the New Year! It has been really neat for me and Chris to celebrate with each other's families this year! Love it!

December 17, 2009

I'ts beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Gracious! I'm doing a very poor job keeping up with this thing... whoopsies!
Well, Thanksgiving was fantastic... delicious food, hanging out with the fams, brunching
with friends, and SUPER PROUDIES for me and sister Sara running the 8 mile in the Dallas Turkey Trot. woohoo! We were impressed with ourselves :) and we had a blast.
Interview season is still in full swing. Chris has been traveling around to different
schools and is pretty much just showing everyone how awesome he is. :)
I'm so proud of him and so thankful for all his hard work!
Since Thanksgiving we've also pretty much unpacked every last box! Hip-Hip-Horray!
Let me show you around...

our festive ACU christmas's wee and precious!

this is the loo... in the mirror you can see the little laundry room on the side

the bedroom... :)

Christopher's "office"/ the place the desk fit best

living room... which is now decked out for christmastime!

chris says to tell y'all that this is the bird of peace and joy
...and love
...and kindness
...and understanding.

good use of the glass dome AKA space helmet AKA wife silencer :)

we love our little home!
and we'd LOVE for you to come visit!
we have a cozy air mattress just waiting for you! :)