February 14, 2012

My Valentine

a romantical poem for my man-friend

The lovers meet:
We met on the top of a slope, 
In that wonderful town of Steamboat.
You were impressed with my skills
as I flew down those hills
in my pink hat and puffy blue coat.

Our first date:
 You wanted to take me to lunch,
but I called to re-schedule a bunch.
You tried (gracefully) to bow out
Until you heard me shout
No, no! I really would like to go on a date! I just keep getting my schedule confused because it's the beginning of the semester and such! :)

We continue to date:
I remember our first kiss in your old house on Grape.
Then my semester abroad where I ate a crepe
Formals, Welcome Weeks, Sing-Song
In a place we will always belong
We made it through under-grad in good shape.

We still continue to date (long-distance this time):
In grad school we had much to ponder.
And had to be apart how much longer?
Hating Sunday good-byes,
And having occasional phone-cries
We learned to listen, and that made us stronger.

He proposes!
Oh that wonderful day, October five!
When you popped the question I never felt so alive.
So nervous and sweet
Oh, how our hearts beat
I just knew that together we'd thrive.

Happily Ever After:
The wedding, a party, the best we could plan!
The outcome, a marriage to last a life-span!
And now we're together
Best friends forever
I love you my husband, my man!

Happy Valentines Day
to the most incredible man in the world!
I am so proud of you and so very thankful to be your wife.
I love you the mostest! :)

February 9, 2012

Super Sunday XLVI

We had a little football shin-dig last Sunday to watch all those awesome Super-Bowl commercials! ;) A bunch of friends came over, there was a ton of food and we had so much fun! Of course I've been excited about this party for a while and had a blast decorating and planning!
top left: I thought it would be clever to put a play on our wall. It was the topic of much controversy and conversation...Love that!!, top right: referee garland,  bottom left: homemade table cloth (felt, stencils and paint), bottom right: I purchased this frame at Hobby Lobby. It's definitely a piece that can be used again!

Referee cupcakes, Goal Post taquitos, Meathead meatballs, The Chains cheese sticks, Caramel corn & Party Mix, Pigskins in a Blanket, and "You've been sacked" party favors. Yummy!

A delicious spread! Friends also brought veggies, queso, cake, and some fantastic Mexican Brownies!

Notice the men sitting around the TV and the women chatting around the table! Hah!

Beautiful (and handsome) friends!!
Lauren, Jenny and Jude

Chris and Chris
Which one's which?!? :)

The gentlemen: David, Josh, Jeffery, Aaron, Hunter and Caleb

The ladies: Miss Hailey, Autumn, Lindsay, and Cristy

Sweet girls
Bethany and Shelby

The Falls (I think Kirker wants to be adopted)

Super fun betting game board. Buy a square for $1 and if the final scores end in the #s you picked - you win!! Nobody pick 1:7 so the closest squares won
Congrats Lindsay and Hunter!!!

I was there too...Supporting my Cowboys!! Haha!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

February 6, 2012

Baby Showers

I have been honored to throw several baby showers over the last year, and I'd like to share a few with you.

A Pea In The Pod
gender neutral shower for Christy

Tissue paper pom-poms are big impact when bunched together in a chandelier. 
The garland was made by cutting out circles of a double-sided
scrapbook paper and sewing them together...super easy!

I made the rain drops for another shower and was able to reuse them...woohoo!

Love me a cheesy party favor!
so peas'd you could come!
 "green pea" gum-balls

This was an afternoon shower and refreshments included:
chicken and wild rice soup
strawberry field greens salad
assorted puff pastry hors d'oeuvres
& sugar cookies
English Tea Party
baby girl shower for Sandra

Mom already had the name picked out so it became a part of the decor.
This was made out of foam board and painted. It was also part of her gift.

One of my most favorite showers so far! We had all kinds of tea to choose from!

Felt flowers, feathers, lace and gemstone headbands!
So fun for pictures and a great party favor!


Pink lemonade

No tea party is complete without scone & biscuits.

Pink & Yellow Flower
baby girl shower for Jenny

Signs to direct guests through the neighborhood.

Gift table and party favors

Sugar cookie flowers!

So bright and happy!

The spread...
gorgeous cake by Lauren Edwards
garden veggies, fresh fruit, koulaches,
quiche and mini cheese cakes

Got a couple baby boy showers coming up that I'll hatfa post too!!