February 9, 2012

Super Sunday XLVI

We had a little football shin-dig last Sunday to watch all those awesome Super-Bowl commercials! ;) A bunch of friends came over, there was a ton of food and we had so much fun! Of course I've been excited about this party for a while and had a blast decorating and planning!
top left: I thought it would be clever to put a play on our wall. It was the topic of much controversy and conversation...Love that!!, top right: referee garland,  bottom left: homemade table cloth (felt, stencils and paint), bottom right: I purchased this frame at Hobby Lobby. It's definitely a piece that can be used again!

Referee cupcakes, Goal Post taquitos, Meathead meatballs, The Chains cheese sticks, Caramel corn & Party Mix, Pigskins in a Blanket, and "You've been sacked" party favors. Yummy!

A delicious spread! Friends also brought veggies, queso, cake, and some fantastic Mexican Brownies!

Notice the men sitting around the TV and the women chatting around the table! Hah!

Beautiful (and handsome) friends!!
Lauren, Jenny and Jude

Chris and Chris
Which one's which?!? :)

The gentlemen: David, Josh, Jeffery, Aaron, Hunter and Caleb

The ladies: Miss Hailey, Autumn, Lindsay, and Cristy

Sweet girls
Bethany and Shelby

The Falls (I think Kirker wants to be adopted)

Super fun betting game board. Buy a square for $1 and if the final scores end in the #s you picked - you win!! Nobody pick 1:7 so the closest squares won
Congrats Lindsay and Hunter!!!

I was there too...Supporting my Cowboys!! Haha!

Hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. Looks like y'all had a big crowd and so much fun! LOVE all the decor!

  2. AMAZING decor!! I wish we lived in San Antonio so we could have been there!