October 14, 2009


it's my HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! this morning my chris lee woke me up (VERY early mind you!) to kisses, a sleepy happy birthday song and PRESENTS!! :)
he pulled out this awesome robot gift bag that had a decoder and secret message to read on it!!! haha! the first thing i pulled out was the most delightfully, delicious kind of chocolate ever created...Toblerone Dark Chocolate. mmMMMmm! next, were some of those disposable face masks (like what you use when you sand or paint stuff). i was really confused by this till chris explained that it's for when he's gassy... oh JOY!! (there's definitely a story here...take us out to dinner and we'll share it). the last gift i pulled out of the bag was.... HOUSE SHOES!!! (we have reached the pinnacle of marital bliss folks!) haha! seriously though, they're not just any house shoes... they're delightfully cozy, rub on your face, chocolate brown and baby blue UGG house shoes! oh my! :) christopher actually has the male counterpart to these shoes and i wore his so often (cause my feet are perpetually cold) that he got me my own pair. what a sweet hubby!
birthday's are just the greatest! i've had so many phone calls and facebook messages... i wish every day could be like this :) there's sure to be more later, but that's all for now. -xo

October 10, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

so, chris and i are sitting in a Panera at the Green Hills mall. we chose this locale bc they have free wifi and neither of us have spent much quality time with our laptops and we were starting to go through withdrawals. it's three in the afternoon but the ski is grey and the day is dreary and cold so i'm pretending it's still morning. they wouldn't let me order from the breakfast menu so i had a delicious carrot-walnut muffin, a parfait and some coffee.
christopher is busy updating his iPhone, messing with his email and writing thank you notes to the docs that wrote letters of recommendation for his CV...funny, i couldn't get a single thank you note out of him for all our wedding gifts... hmmm...*suspicious eyes* :)
i got to spend the day with kaitlyn thames yesterday! we started off in high-style at the Puffy Muffin, a very Tennessee-ish cafe/tea room for the well-off-stay-at-home-mom's to congregate when they're trying to avoid the gym or the day's errands... or at least that's what i've heard. :)
it was really cute and delicious... although we did miss out on the breakfast menu (i have an insatiable lust for breakfast foods at any time of the day). after brunch (heavy on the "UNCH" as kaitlyn would say) we went to the most densly populated venetian nail salon either of us had ever been and had our toe nails beautified for my birthday present! under kaitlyn's skilled influence, i chose a dark, dark purple (something i've never done before) and it looks awesome!
watching Fame was the next thing on our agenda.... pretty much the most awesome move i've seen in a while! i'm so all about movies where people spontaneously burst into song and dance and everyone around them joins in... i'm pretty sure that's what heaven will be like.
we met up with the boys for dinner (prepared by chef josh thames himself), arrested development, and rock band sessions! what a great day.

October 5, 2009

We HEART Nashville

so, we've been here just over a full week. chris is well into all his hospital business... working long days and learning a ton. i've kept myself busy sleeping in late, having tea and breakfast on the back porch swing, picking up shifts at starbucks, and exploring the city.
we love it here! ...it's been so perfectly fall since we came to town with cool crisp days (i had to purchase a few stylish scarves, of course), we have wonderful friends to hang out with, our host family is absolutely wonderful, and there's just so much liveliness about the city in general.
my favorite is the weekends... (cause chris doesn't work!) with all the food we eat, and football watchin', antiquing, and running in the park, i feel like i'm part of a movie or wonderful book. :)
which by the way, i'm reading julie & julia. i went to see the movie last week and kaitlyn t. has lent me her copy and i've really enjoyed it!

ps- birthday countdown: 8days!