October 5, 2009

We HEART Nashville

so, we've been here just over a full week. chris is well into all his hospital business... working long days and learning a ton. i've kept myself busy sleeping in late, having tea and breakfast on the back porch swing, picking up shifts at starbucks, and exploring the city.
we love it here! ...it's been so perfectly fall since we came to town with cool crisp days (i had to purchase a few stylish scarves, of course), we have wonderful friends to hang out with, our host family is absolutely wonderful, and there's just so much liveliness about the city in general.
my favorite is the weekends... (cause chris doesn't work!) with all the food we eat, and football watchin', antiquing, and running in the park, i feel like i'm part of a movie or wonderful book. :)
which by the way, i'm reading julie & julia. i went to see the movie last week and kaitlyn t. has lent me her copy and i've really enjoyed it!

ps- birthday countdown: 8days!


  1. Sounds wonderful!
    I love crisp aired falls with brightly colored falling leaves... I think that's been my pregnancy craving as of late.
    Good to hear you're doing well :)

  2. i want to see lots of pictures!!! you are in nashville at such a perfect time of year!!!

  3. I'm glad you all are enjoying your time in Tennessee! We are still hoping that Oklahoma won your hearts of course! :o)