September 24, 2009

the FaBuLouS "FiSHBoWL"

so, we're nearing the end of our Oklahoman times but i wanted to post a HUGEMONGOUS thank you to the Emily and David Taylor and the Wedel Family for housing us over the past weeks. we got to spend the first week in Em and David's (and little baby Taylor's) cute new home in The Village... it is precious and they're really transforming it with beautiful paint and new furniture! the last three weeks we've been living with a family that goes to church with Candice Wood and her super witty and awesome bf, Richard. the Wedel's are such a wonderful family... just incredibly open, warm and genuine... and have let us live in their back yard cabana. they call it the "fishbowl" cause it's pretty much floor to ceiling windows, but with the spectacular scenery and awesome weather we've had here i wouldn't want it any other way! they been such a wonderful example of's just unbelievable. Chris and I can't wait till we can do this kind of thing for other people!

hangin' out in Bricktown. dinner at Zio's and drinks at Drinkz!
goofiness. love these peoples! ps-i cut my hair off! :)
Pride and Prejudice-ish... so of course i love it.
fantastic kitchen, tv and fooseball!! :)
it's been in the 50's so i decided a nice fire would be lovely
yes, i most definitely played christmas music all day this day.
chris wasn't home. :)

next stop... Nashville, TN!!


  1. YOU HAVE A BLOG!? Ahem...hello!!! Why didn't I know this????

  2. it's cause it JUST started! im still learning/ testing the waters! ps... i miss you!!!