November 24, 2009

amarillo by mornin'

we are here! we finally have our own wonderfully precious first place...and it's a mess! :) i have spent the last few days emptying boxes, organizing, painting... such bliss! haha
i painted a wall last night... might have been up till 1:30... but it's the most beautiful buttery yellow and i'm so proud! :)
looking forward to seeing family and friends, turkey trotting thurs. morning, PARADE OF LIGHTS, shopping, and eating together this week! when we get back... decorating for christmas!!!
but first... gotta get this place in order!

November 8, 2009

the Dallas post

wow! so, it's been a while...whoopsie. :)
we area back in Dallas/Fort Worth livin' it up at the parental's casa.
Chris has been staying very busy with a rotation at southwestern, and I've been back at my Starbucks store! I missed it! :) Other than that we've been preparing for the move to Amarillo... so excited to be in our own very first apartment... but i will admit i'm already a little stressed about all the stuff we have. i've been slowly purging my closet and throwing out or giving away anything i haven't used in a while. it's kinda refreshing!
The reason for the dry spell of posts is due to the wonderful friends and family we have here and get to hang out with all the time! So far this month we've been to joe-t's twice (gotta give a quick shout out to Guac-Boob-Tiffany-Gaunt!), dressed up as the Princess and the "P" for Halloween (it was a mistake to eat a huge mexican meal before putting on my wedding dress again), watched a lot of fabulous football, eaten with the Whaley's, the Vanaman's, and of course the Lee's, celebrated Shelbi's birthday with dinner at the Melting Pot and a sleepover, drinks with friends at Reata..... and much more.
Goodness gracious, we just love being here!
Moving day is scheduled for the weekend of the 21st! we'll have a few days to attempt at settling in and then it's back to Dallas for Thanksgiving day festivities!
anybody else ready for cold weather, fireplaces, christmas carols and peace on earth!?! :)