October 14, 2009


it's my HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! this morning my chris lee woke me up (VERY early mind you!) to kisses, a sleepy happy birthday song and PRESENTS!! :)
he pulled out this awesome robot gift bag that had a decoder and secret message to read on it!!! haha! the first thing i pulled out was the most delightfully, delicious kind of chocolate ever created...Toblerone Dark Chocolate. mmMMMmm! next, were some of those disposable face masks (like what you use when you sand or paint stuff). i was really confused by this till chris explained that it's for when he's gassy... oh JOY!! (there's definitely a story here...take us out to dinner and we'll share it). the last gift i pulled out of the bag was.... HOUSE SHOES!!! (we have reached the pinnacle of marital bliss folks!) haha! seriously though, they're not just any house shoes... they're delightfully cozy, rub on your face, chocolate brown and baby blue UGG house shoes! oh my! :) christopher actually has the male counterpart to these shoes and i wore his so often (cause my feet are perpetually cold) that he got me my own pair. what a sweet hubby!
birthday's are just the greatest! i've had so many phone calls and facebook messages... i wish every day could be like this :) there's sure to be more later, but that's all for now. -xo

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