February 14, 2012

My Valentine

a romantical poem for my man-friend

The lovers meet:
We met on the top of a slope, 
In that wonderful town of Steamboat.
You were impressed with my skills
as I flew down those hills
in my pink hat and puffy blue coat.

Our first date:
 You wanted to take me to lunch,
but I called to re-schedule a bunch.
You tried (gracefully) to bow out
Until you heard me shout
No, no! I really would like to go on a date! I just keep getting my schedule confused because it's the beginning of the semester and such! :)

We continue to date:
I remember our first kiss in your old house on Grape.
Then my semester abroad where I ate a crepe
Formals, Welcome Weeks, Sing-Song
In a place we will always belong
We made it through under-grad in good shape.

We still continue to date (long-distance this time):
In grad school we had much to ponder.
And had to be apart how much longer?
Hating Sunday good-byes,
And having occasional phone-cries
We learned to listen, and that made us stronger.

He proposes!
Oh that wonderful day, October five!
When you popped the question I never felt so alive.
So nervous and sweet
Oh, how our hearts beat
I just knew that together we'd thrive.

Happily Ever After:
The wedding, a party, the best we could plan!
The outcome, a marriage to last a life-span!
And now we're together
Best friends forever
I love you my husband, my man!

Happy Valentines Day
to the most incredible man in the world!
I am so proud of you and so very thankful to be your wife.
I love you the mostest! :)

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