May 24, 2012

Harding RoadTrip

Took a trip with my "little" brother this Spring to check out Harding University.
I was so glad that I got to go with him because we got to hang out a lot and he's pretty awesome! He is ten years younger than I, but I look up to him in many ways. One being that he is 6'3" and I have to look up to talk to him. :P

Jonathan in his power stance. I really have no idea what this pose is. I just said smile and this happened. hahaha

My most favorite brother in the world! 
Daddy came too and we got to tour the campus and hear about all the fun times when he was a student there, and all the new buildings, 
and the sidewalks, and grass.... hahaha 
I love my Daddy!
 This was absolutely my favorite thing that happened while we were in Searcy. After Jonathan's events were completed for the day, the three of us strolled over to the track where there was a small meet going on. Of course, we stopped to watch the girls vaulting... I was a pretty stellar pole vaulter back in the day if you weren't aware ;)... and were reminiscing when who walked up and put his arm around my shoulders but COACH BRISTO! He was my high-school track coach and one of my most favorite people ever! I lost it (surprise, surprise). It was just too crazy and perfect and weird! It was fun to catch up, and I gotta give a shout out to the awesome OCS girls and boys track team for taking STATE this year! So proud CONGRATS!
I can't say I'm not jealous. :)  
Best Coach ever!
 Kinda like Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights...
tough, but genuinely cares and makes you wanna be better.
 I just had to add this pic for my Chris Lee's benefit.
He makes fun of me because I never know where to look when we take a pic with the iPhone (when the screen is facing you). It's just hard sometimes, especially if you're the one taking the pic. Too many things to think about. Anyway this is a prime example! Haha!
At least I look really happy about that sno cone! 
Jonathan totally showed me up by nailing that photo. Doh!
Y'all keep an eye out for this boy. He's an up and coming star! He can sing, dance, act, and has such an incredible gift for completely drawing you into his performance. God has given you a fantastic talent Jonathan. I'm praying for you and all the big choices and awesome opportunities you will have!
Love you brother!!!

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