August 23, 2010

My Favorite Marine

This past week was spent with my family in Parris Island, SC picking up our Marine from boot camp!! We were so excited to see our Sara after months of corresponding only through letters. We arrived very early in the morning with our matching t-shirts, sign, and pins with Sara's face on them!!! :)
Grandmarjie and Pop-Pop joined us up there, as did a couple of Sara's friends.

We got to watch a beautiful sunrise while we waited
at the Parade Deck to see our Sara!!

The first activity of the day was a 4 mile motivational
run with all the families cheering on the sides!! We went bananas! :)

Here she comes carrying her platoon's flag!!
We were all so excited to see each other!!!

I just love my family!!

We found a map of the base and Dad is pointing to
Sara's squad bay where she slept each night.

Finally getting to hold our Sara!!!

I'm so proud of my sister!!!

My siblings are AWESOME!!!

Sara had a few hours of liberty on Thursday so we got to
spend the afternoon with her!! We had a picnic lunch, explored the base,
saw her rack and footlocker, and bought some USMC merchandise!!

Thursday evening we headed out out to Folly beach to play in the Atlantic and then enjoy some delicious pizza for dinner!!!

At graduation on Friday morning Sara was honored as
top shooter of her battalion!! She is so awesome
and I am incredibly proud and inspired by her!!!

Love you sister!! xoxox

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  1. I remember seeing pictures of your siblings when we worked in the Registrar's office. You've always been such a proud big sister :)
    How did she decide to become a Marine?