October 29, 2011

Testing...testing...Is this thing on?

Well hello World Wide Web!!!
Yes, it is I...that girl who never ever uses her blog!!!

This post is proof positive that nagging works. ;) ALL (3) of my friends and fans have been begging to hear about the wonders of our life, and my defenses are useless against their incessant pleas.

Hey did you know that the name of this blog is supposed to be read Our Lively Life? I heard someone pronounce it live-lee (As in, I live in San Antonio.), and it just sounded terrible. Maybe I was trying to be too clever? I've considered other options... MerriLee We Roll Along, HappiLee Ever After... Actually I just thought of those, and they're both way better. crap. (Sorry grandma, I know that's not a nice word.) Maybe a blog-overhaul is in order?

Ok, I actually have a TON to post about (that happens when you don't post for a year), but I'm taking baby steps. I think I avoid blogging because I feel all this pressure to post something awesome that will make you laugh, cry, or impress you with my witty phrases and excellent use of vocabulary and punctuation. Needless to say I cower from this daunting task, but I SAY NO MORE!!!

So today I will post about my doggy... The Kirkerman!!

Don't you just wanna squeeze him!?!

Full Name: Kirker Alejandro Lee
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Age: 6 years this Dec. 6!
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Popcorn or Bacon (yes, the maple bacon kind) :)
Favorite Game: Tug-o-war
Favorite Expression: "You're flingin' flangin' right I am!"
Besties: Maggie (girlfriend), Lucy, Dixie, Harper and Harley
Cousins: Heidi, Kody, Buddy and Timmy the cat
Favorite Place to Visit: greatGrandma and greatGrandpa's!!! (My grandparents)
Thing He Most Fears: His own toots

Kirkerman is the bestest pup in the wide, wild west! My love gave him to me as a Christmas present when we were still at ACU, and he is our pride and joy. :)


  1. Kirker! He was such a cute puppy and has grown into a good lookin' doggy. I miss you all.

    Love You!

  2. YAY! Welcome back to blogland! Love Mr. Kirker man! Can't wait to see pics of the Halloween Partay! Love you!