August 8, 2010

Weekend with the Fletchers!

So, this was one of those weekends when Chris had to be up
at the hospital all day/night on Saturday.
(He's actually sleeping right now in an attempt to catch up.)
He's such a hard worker, and I'm so proud of him!
Because he wasn't around to entertain me, :)
I got to spend my weekend with JC and Dabney!

Friday night they invited us (Chris was able to participate!)
to Blue Star Brewing Co. & Art Center for
San Antonio's First Friday event.
It's an outdoor affair featuring different artist's
work and street vendors with all sorts of treasures.
One of the restaurant's best features is eating out on the deck
under big umbrellas and mist-sprayers with a nice cold beverage,
while listening to live music. Needless to say, we were
prepared to sweat and when I arrived at the Fletcher's, Dabney
and I discovered we were on the same brain wave
of dressing to stay as cool as possible!

Aren't we just precious! :)
Eating outside makes everything taste a little more delicious I think!

On Saturday morning JC, Dabs and I went and had breakfast tacos
and coffee together! Then, after making some purchases at
Home Depot,we rushed home to get started on our
"Saturday Projects."

Dabs chose the perfect shade of grey to paint a desk for
their office space. After adding some large, yellow flower
drawer pulls, the piece goes beautifully in the room
and looks wonderful with the curtains she found at World Market!

She did such a great job!!!
Whilst we ladies were painting, JC did manly work like assembling
this new shelving unit for their garage. He got to make a lot
of noise and sweat and stuff...
... that's what makes it manly
Let's face it we were all sweating bullets,
but he had a hammer or a screwdriver or something.
Oh, and he installed a row of hooks to hang up the rake,
outdoor broom and such!

Well done JC!!!
I got to work on our dining chairs.
I chose to paint them a fabulous Hummingbird blue!
Thanks Martha Stewart! :)
So, 1 chair took me a couple hours (at least)
and I was kinda dreading the other 7,
but Chris wasn't home... meaning I stayed up till all hours painting!!

Before & After
It's a flock of Hummingbird chairs!!
So far only 4 are officially all completed, and they look so great!!
I am loving them next to my happy yellow walls!!
Once the chairs are finished the table will be stained.... I'm thinking
a dark, chocolately stain would be lovely.
What do you think?! :)


  1. Im thinking I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE your post!!! I LOVE your chairs!! And I LOVE you!!

    I am so glad you are here in San Antonio!!


  2. agreed. :) (about the table)

    white would be pretty i can't wait to get a house!!!

  3. Shelbs: I did consider white actually, but decided that since it's a nice wood in good condition staining would show it off a little more. :) Plus that corner of our living area really needs something dark colored to pull everything together. I AM looking for a little desk though to paint white and put behind our couch (which would be next to the dining area) It would double as my desk area and a sofa table....something with dainty legs i think... oh, and an upholstered straight back chair with no arms! yum! :)