March 19, 2010

go MAVS go!

We are so excited... Chris matched into ENT (otolaryngoloy if you wanna sound dorky or Ear, Nose and Throat surgery for us cool cats) at our first choice and it is such a huge blessing!
It's a little further south than most of our family live, but we're hoping that the
draw of the Riverwalk will entice many visitors to come stay with us!! :)
...Since we don't really know anyone that would want to come for a Spurs game...
Yesterday was a blast! It was (as the multitudes that subscribe to our blog know) Match day.

Chris is "helping" me write the post this time, but so far he hasn't been very useful....
Aaaand he just gave up to watch Georgia Tech and OK State... pshhh, boys! jk jk :)
It's been pretty exciting to watch all the games this year even though both of our brackets are
floundering helplessly. Thank you Murray State, Ohio and all you other upsets that I didn't guess right. :P

I kinda got side-tracked about Match Day earlier... and now I just wanna go sit by the fire and drink something warm and delicious. haha
Here's another rabbit trail for ya.... I'm reading The Complete Sherlock Holmes collection of works and it has just been fabulous. They're mostly short stories so it's easy to just read one quickly. Or, if you're like me... read "just one more" and the "maybe, just one more" you do when your watching your favorite Tv series on dvd.

Ok, that's enough for now I think.
Maybe next time I'll be a little more focused. :)


  1. Congrats on the match dudes. Be ready for a surprise pop-in. That's your warning.

  2. I laughed out loud at the Spurs comment. :)

    And I promise you we WILL be visiting you MORE than once!!!

  3. Congratulations on the Match! I just stumbled on your blog through a series of blog surfing and am so excited to read about your adventures in San Antonio.