May 26, 2010

mid-years resolution

so, thus far this blog has been somewhat dismal and i apologize.
it's probably because my life is so exciting and i just don't have a second to write it all down... pitiful excuse i know. :D so, i'm writing today to say that i am resolved to be more attentive to my avid readers. (hi mom!)

that being said here's what up in our lives right now....
we recently made the tour-0-graduations celebrating with Kirker Livesay (UTA), Sister Sara (Bixby High School), Dr. JC Fletcher (TCOM SOM) and Dr. Christopher Lee (Texas Tech SOM). Never have i experienced such an inspiring week of listening to 1 billion names being
called followed by smatterings of cheers or air horns. haha! it really was fun seeing everyone and get to celebrate their accomplishments! Way to go guys!!!

Collage of Sara-bara

My favorite MD!

Way to go Kirker!

Doctor JC!!


  1. Yes! I'm hear and I LOVE reading about the parts of your life I don't get to participate in! :)

  2. I love the pic of you and chris at the top of your blog! so presh. : ) Can't wait to see you soon!!!