March 10, 2010

In the coming week....

Well, match day is just around the corner.. ahh!! :)
We alternate between crazy excited and crazy nervous. it is gonna be a big week.
I know we have been covered in lots of prayers and am so thankful!
It's been an incredible journey for us these past months just learning to fully rely on God.
We have been praying that He put us where ever He wants to use us...of course we've
also let Him know what we think would be the coolest ever! :)...but ultimately we know
that He works all things together for the good of those who love Him.
The challenge is understanding that our limited definition of what's good for us is exactly that...
limited. My prayer is that whatever the outcome of next week, our Heavenly Father receives
all the glory and that He gives us eyes to see the perfection of His plan for our lives.
Thanks for all the prayers, love and support!
Get excited!!! :)


  1. We'll definitely be praying for you guys this week! Can't wait to hear where you'll end up (hopefully in the Dallas area-just sayin' that be way more fun).

    PS. Missed you guys at Bible study last night. :)

  2. I wouldn't complain about Dallas or OKC! We're praying for you everyday!

  3. What's the date? I'm nervous just thinking about it!!! I'm praying REALLY hard for Dallas. Dallas, Dallas, DALLAS!!! Gooooo Dallas! :)

    No matter where you end up, we will still be friends with you. ESPECIALLY if you end up in Malibu. haha

    Speaking of Dallas...when will we see you guys here again since we missed you this last time?