July 26, 2010

rainy day post

i just love rain!! it quite seriously makes me giddy. :)

when the clouds start rolling in and i start to hear the thunder, i can't help but jump up and down a little bit! i put the kettle on for hot tea, open the blinds and curtains, and maybe even the sliding glass door
just as the rain starts coming down
...the better to hear the lovely pitter pattering! :)

walking in the rain is quite lovely too!
i happened to be on a walk the other week
with Jenny and Lindsey and it just
started coming down when we were
about a mile from the house. haha! it was glorious!
being barefoot makes it even better! :)

Mmmm rain! :)


  1. I wonder where you got this love of rain from?

  2. from my fabulous momma!!! :) miss you!

  3. hellooooo lovie! Your backround reminds me of a certain shower curtain! : ) Love it! Love you! xoxoxox