December 16, 2012

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year!

My favorite things about this time of year...

 Snow! Real or not, snow has a magical way of transforming the world into a winter wonderland, and making me feel like a kid again
...not that i'm really a grown up or anything. :)
Snow is also an essential part of our yearly tradition of going
skiing which is kinda the best thing ever!
Baking! I love filling my home with wonderful smells and getting 
to share delicious treats with friends. 

Christmas Parties! ...Like we need an excuse for a party. :) This year's gift exchange was a My Favorite Things party, and it was a hit! 

 Putting lights on my house!  Our street really gets into it,
and I just love coming home in the evenings!

Christmas Trees! I really love how everybody's tree is so unique. Our tree is full of snowflakes and ornaments from different places we've skied or visited, and ones that remind us of special memories. 

Christmas Cards! A big fave in our house and the only time of year 
we fight over who gets to check the mailbox. Haha! :) 

 Hot Chocolate! The perfect beverage while wrapping presents, watching Christmas movies, listening to/singing carols and absolutely okay to drink every evening after dinner. :)

Looking at all the lights! My siblings and I used to count all the houses 
with lights when we were little. :) Love the trees at this house!

Christmas Presents! It is so fun to give gifts, and I love the way they look all piled under a tree. I'm not gonna lie, I do get excited about picking out paper and ribbon to make them all coordinate! Haha!

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