June 25, 2010

busy bee-ness

so, we just moved into our first home. yay! but now i'm currently in that state of trying to balance the nesting-set-up-our-house-&-home and the start-a-fabulous-practice sides of my life. very fun most of the time, but things can also get a little stressful. especially when i start "shoulding" myself. :) i SHOULD be doing this or that, or i SHOULD put more time and energy here or there... it's exhausting really... and it's totally self induced... what a silly way to live my life. :)
ok, so here's what i've been up to! the jurisprudence exam is scheduled, i'm trying to set up a meeting time with Dr. Moore (the doc who's offered to share his practice space), hopefully i'll be meeting with Gold Star people this weekend (thanks momma), and i've been painting my brains out! ...eventually i'd like to do a before and after post of all the rooms and decorating-ness... but one thing at a time. :) the kitchen is nearing completion... just a little more paint, some fun curtains, new cabinet hardware, and a little table and chairs should do the trick! i started on the laundry area yesterday. it is in the garage and it's very hot, very dark and very dirty so i'm working on something fabulous that will make me wanna go out there and do laundry! :) so far just a fresh coat of white paint has brightened up and made it look so fresh and so clean, clean. i've also hung a small plug-in chandelier (thanks IKEA) to add some glamorousness. next essential item will be a fan! :) and some fun colored paint!... i'm aiming for a Mary Engelbreit look. we'll see how close i get. :) oh, we got my ship out of gma and gpa's shed...it's much larger than i remembered it. i've been sitting here trying to decide if a nice coat of paint would make it worthy of my mantle. haha. ok, i'm starting to feel guilty for sitting here for so long... more of that "shoulding" business. doh! :)
Have a wonderful day!


  1. haha...you and you shoulding. You are wonderful Can't wait to come down and visit y'all!!!

  2. so much fun! can't wait to see pix and come visit!